That’s easy. Competitive, Compliant, Careful and IATA & ATA accredited

STOCKAIR has built sound relationships with all stakeholders including airlines, ground handlers exporters, statutory bodies, veterinary practitioners, transport companies, manufacturers and ground handlers. Our commitment to excellence in animal welfare is uncompromised, as is our requirement for all stakeholders to adopt the same duty of care. We are very experienced and capable of representing our clients and assisting them through the myriad of legislative requirements of animal transport.

STOCKAIR has developed our own range of transport livestock ”air-crates” that provide exceptional ventilation, appropriate strength for the type of animal being transported and an ability to be customized to suit individual client’s needs. We are able to manufacture identical “air-crates” in all major cities within Australia and in New Zealand which gives us both compliance and consistency.

STOCKAIR is also the distributor of a range of livestock mats that we use inside every crate that we supply and fly. These mats are only used in the STOCKAIR range of stock “air-crates” and are used for moisture retention, ammonia absorption and aircraft protection.

Through our IATA & ATA accreditation, STOCKAIR is able to provide and cut your AWB and make any last minute changes at any time of the day or night. There is no need for a broker to be on standby and you have total flexibility to amend when/if required.

STOCKAIR is not an exporter, we do not compete with our clients. Nor are we an importer, rather a provider of value added services which allow our clients to focus on the selection and supply of livestock to meet the needs of their customers.